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Why learn with Niall Doherty?

 I believe children (and adults!) can learn best in a fun and varied environment which is why I like to keep my lessons lively and interactive. I do this by encouraging them to play, sing, read, move and clap when beginning.


Each lesson involves a combination of these activities with the aim of teaching the pupils to read music, improve aural (listening) skills, gain good practice techniques and of course, learn how to play the piano. Lessons don’t have to be spent just staring at a Piano book! I throw in some exciting YouTube excerpts to fire up their imagination for “homework” and also some imaginative basic composition exercises.


Discovering how creative a student can be, using Composition, is often very revealing and it also gets away from black dots on a page – often a healthy way to learn and even listen better.

Lessons are always on a one-to-one basis so as I can focus on every student’s individual needs. I am also very friendly and approachable and good at making students feel at their ease quickly.


I have worked in schools for many years and appreciate the time constraints and pressures that many young people face. I also appreciate how many adults want to learn because they regret giving up when younger! I put in place realistic practice schedules for all enabling good progress to be made. Remember:

                    NO PRACTICE…NO PROGRESS

                                                                               NO PROGRESS…NO PLEASURE

                                                                                                                                        NO PLEASURE…NO POINT!

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